Very Fast Cooking in a Chinese Wok.

One good video about the fast cooking. This original video was created for you by http://epsos.de and there is an original digital signature in the video and the audio. The main idea is to make our world a little better, interesting and more happy.

The fire has been used for cooking for millions of years in our galaxy. The Chinese wok is the perfect instrument for cooking on the hot fire. The round shape of the Chinese wok can collect all of the heat from the fire. The Chinese wok is a very efficient instrument for cooking. The modern Chinese restaurants do have a large cooking station for the Chinese wok.

The wok station can help the Chinese people to make money very fast. The hot fire can cook the Chinese food in 3 minutes. Each meal can be profitable. The large wok stations do require more customers per day. Normal Chinese restaurants with 50 customers per day do not need a wok station. The best cooking station for the Chinese wok can be very expensive, but the Chinese food is very profitable. This is why the Chinese restaurants buy the Chinese cooking stations from China.

The hot flame in this video is very hot. It is a tornado of flames and steam that can heat up the room and melt glass, if the fire is too strong. The Chinese cooking station in this video is a modern version. The water is shut off automatically, after 2 liters of water have been deposited from the faucet. The efficiency and the cost of operation is very important for the Chinese cooks, who love to make more money at work. The use of less gas and less water can reduce the total cost of the meal. epSos.de is very happy about efficient cooking stations. We can all benefit from healthy and affordable food.

The Chinese food is becoming more and more popular in the world, because there are many Chinese people, who live and cook for the people in large cities of the world. The Chinese food market is very strong. It is hard to make money with cooking in China. The Chinese food is more expensive outside of China. Many Chinese cooks do travel to other countries where they start small businesses that bring the taste of the Chinese food to the global audience in every country.

Many different food types can be cooked in the Chinese wok. The fried noodles are one perfect example. Fried rice, fried egg, fried fish, fried chicken, boiled chicken, boiled noodles, steamed vegetables, steamed dumplings and many other tasty Chinese meals can be cooked in the Chinese wok. The good cook can prepare almost any meal in the Chinese wok.

The wok from China has one wooden handle. The wok from Indonesia has two handles. The round shape of the Chinese wok is like a combination of the cooking pot and the frying pan. The Chinese wok can replace both of the instruments in the kitchen. If we have no space, but a lot of money for the natural gas, than is it very comfortable to cook in the Chinese wok. The round edges of the wok are perfect for the people who are afraid to spill their food over the edge of the frying pan.

There is an old story. In the forgotten past of China, the rich people did use flat metal plates for cooking on fire. The metal did become more round, if the cold water did create a round dent in the middle of the flat metal plate. The rich Chinese people did notice that is was much easier to cook in the round dent, than on the flat metal plate. The richest person in the village ordered the round metal plate with a large dent in the center. The other people in the village wanted to own the same round pan. Soon after this, the people from other villages did create the round pan with a dent. This is how the Chinese wok got invented in China.

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