The Art of the Wok #1 – 鑊/锅: Cooking with a Wok (Peking University cafeteria)

The Art of the Wok #1 – Will Lee
Filmed at Peking University, Haidian, Songlin Cafeteria, Beijing, October 10, 2014 摄影拍摄于北京大学 海淀松林餐厅.

A wok 鑊 (Chinese Cantonese) is a versatile round-bottomed cooking vessel, originating from China. In the rest of China, it’s called 锅 guō (Chinese Mandarin).

The two chefs are each using ‘woks’ with intense flames to cook made to order dishes in a matter of 30-50 secs for vegetable dishes and up to 50-70 secs for seafood, chicken, pork, & beef dishes.

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