Leyso 13" Diameter 3 Opening Cast Iron Rim to Replace the Worn Out Wok Ring for Chinese Wok Range

[Durable]- Leyso Chinese wok range rim made from cast iron, making it extremely durable even after hard commercial usage.

[Versatile]- Wok range rim are perfect for restaurant, kitchen, hotel and buffet to replace the worn out wok ring.

[Easy Exchange]- Comes with 4 hex mounting screws to securely mount it to the wok well edge making it easy to exchange the worn out wok ring.

[3 Openings]- This rim has 3 openings, which provides oxygen to ignite the fire giving the wok the perfect fire level to cook.

[Dimensions]- Make sure your wok well opening is slightly larger than 12-¼” diameter in order to insert this cast iron rim in to your current wok well. Please refer to the pictures for dimensions.

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