Ieoke Wok Pan, Chinese Pan Iron Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Uncoated Carbon Steel Cookware with Wooden Helper, 14.4 inch Round Bottom

The choice of professional chefs— The Chinese hand hammered wok is made of high-quality wrought iron. Comparing with the machine-making pot, it is firm and uniform in density without any hollow and air bubbles.

Uncoated & Non-stick— It adopts premium quality iron to make, which has few impurities and a smooth surface without coating, it realizes a physical non-sticky to give you a relaxing and healthy cooking experience.

Be heated evenly— The thick bottom and thin wall structure aims to keep the wok be heated evenly. It has great thermal conductivity for transferring the temperature of the fire to the food directly to ensure your nutritious and delicious food, save more gas and time for you.

Healthy cooking utensils— The small amount of beneficial iron elements dissolved in wok cooking can provide the iron elements needed by human body and it is absorbed easily, which is beneficial to your health.

Suitable for: Flame. A perfect stir-fried kitchenware is applied to a series of cooking techniques such as frying, detonating, stewing, and cooking.

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