How To Restore A Wok

February 21, 2018 UPDATE! Thanks for the feedback, a new version of this video with better audio can be found here: https://youtu.be/jQdHR0sluFY

Update: Thanks for the feedback regarding the use of Easy-Off. Use caution when using it (I had windows open and exhaust fan on), and if possible, spray it on the wok outdoors where there is plenty of ventilation.

How To Restore A Wok. My friend purchased a new house and finally has a gas stove. I suggested he purchase a wok. He goes to the kitchen and brings out two dirty old woks that used to belong to his father. One wok was used exclusively for frying and the other was probably used for stir-frying.

Anyway, they were in horrendous shape and I offered to restore them for him. Come join me as I break down the process of restoring two woks that are at least twenty years old.

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