Authentic Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Wok by Gold Tulip – 14 inch Flat Bottom Wooden and Helper Handle – Sturdy Not Too Heavy – Suitable for Gas Stove Ideal to Cook Traditional Chinese Stir Fry Dishes

Authentic Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Wok; our 14 inch hand hammered wok is made in China with the highest quality materials to the highest quality standards you should expect and has a flat bottom for a better balance against the cooking surface and stability as well as a long wooden handle that stays cool to the touch and a helper handle to make the wok more manageable

Traditional 1.2 mm Carbon Steel Construction that disperses heat quickly and evenly; relatively light in weight for a more convenient cooking experience

Handmade Craft makes the wok more durable and each piece unique; gradually sloping sides ensure food stays directly over heat source and facilitates tossing that can be done with any type of kitchen tools; perfect for at home or restaurant use

Professional Canton Style Chinese Wok Pan that is large and deep; excellent for stir frying vegetables, fish and rice, among other cooking techniques; inside surface of the wok becomes naturally nonstick after seasoning and with prolonged use

Rust Resistant once the wok is properly seasoned, always kept dried, and stored appropriately with a thin coat of oil; detailed and easy to follow seasoning instructions included

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