Alpha Nonstick Marble Stone Coating Wok Pan, 13.4-Inch PFOA FREE

MADE IN KOREA – Quality build and finish with non-stick coating, Ensures non-stick experience and easy to clean, Durable and strong, Reliable for kitchen and cooking use, Perfect for everyday use

SIX COATS OF NON-STICK COATING – Less oils used and wasted while cooking, Non-stick coating that lasts for an extremely long time, Very easy to clean and use, Eliminates need for unnecessary amounts of oils and butters to create a non-stick environment, Encourages healthy eating

EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION – Pans are hot-spot free, Heat is evenly covered around the pan surface, No inconsistencies or issues with heat flaring on pan, Dependable and safe

DURABLE AND STURDY – Shape and design of handle provides comfortable and confident grip, Thumb rest on handle for easy handling, Made of high-quality aluminum

PFOA FREE – Pan is safe PFOA toxin free, Good for cooking and kitchen use, Can be used on outdoor stoves, Long-lasting non-stick coating Please update the request

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